Extra Volume 2.0 =)

March 25, 2010

As promised I gave my L’oreal Extra-Volume collagen a second chance. A promise is a promise but of course!

Before leaving for work yesterday I did my makeup as usual, I applied my lash primer and then applied the L’oral Extra Volume collagen mascara. I did notice a huge difference from the first trial! All hope has been restored! The mascara appears to work!

I don’t exactly love the idea of a bigger brush, to me that sometimes means a bigger mess but I can appreciate the fact that each lash does get coated better because the brush picks up more product. But did I really notice 12x’s the volume...NO =(.

All in all it just felt like L’oreal Voluminous mascara with a bigger brush and more product on each application. So I guess it wasn’t terrible, I just didn’t find anything extremely different about it. And usually when I try a new mascara I do notice different effect, whether it be volume, colour, length, clumpy or separating.

If you are still curious about it , I would definitely suggest still trying it, it wasn’t a bad product just not AS exciting as I thought it was going to be but I would still recommend it for all you mascara lovers out there who love trying new and different products!




March 21, 2010

It’s story time again! =) While I was at Wal-Mart purchasing NEW MOON, I somehow (lol) stumbled across the cosmetics section. And I always feel I somehow end up there with no intention on buying anything, but really somehow my arms get full and I can no longer grab anything else without the fear of dropping the accumulated goodies in my arms. Please tell me I’m not the only one with that problem.

I allowed myself to get one item and of course, hands down it was mascara. I got the New Extra-Volume collagen by L’oreal in blackest black. Now generally L’oreal never lets me down and I am always willing to try out any of their mascara products. But this time defiantly wasn’t the case.

I tried it on this morning before work and I wasn’t too impressed. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy the product, there’s just really nothing special about it. The brush was bigger, but I didn’t exactly find it more helpful, or that it creates an advantage. I also found that when I use the original Voluminous mascara I get better results.

Recently I have been using a primer with my mascara and I have been enjoying the results. I will be testing out this product again with the primer and I am hoping for a bit of a difference

Over all it was just like using my L’oreal Voluminous Mascara with a bigger brush. But I did only get a couple of hours of sleep last night so my half asleep makeup attempt could be to blame. Defiantly want to be in love with this product and will give it a second chance.

Have any of you ladies tried this product? What were your thoughts on it?? What about just mascaras in general. What are your favourites?? I’m dying to find another one to add to my collection =)

xoxo Jo.Ritaaa xoxo

=) Mommie Make Over

March 14, 2010

Another E.L.F cosmetics order in the works! But this one has more of a project feel to it!

So after my first completed week of International Bride I had a rush of makeup artistry energy just bursting inside of me! It was little past 8pm on a Saturday night and I thought it would be fun to play makeover (yet again) with my mother!

As I started to set up my “workstation” on my kitchen counter my mother casually started asking me about certain products and what they do and how to use them. Then than I started thinking to myself, a lot of women out there probably feel the same or have the some curiosities about makeup.

I then decided that not only was this going to be practise for me, but a lesson for her! I started to go through her makeup bag and before I knew it I was applying her own makeup and taking her through the rules and secrets of the perfect makeup application. Now because she is my mother I felt no need to sensor my ever growing knowledge and she didn’t say it but I knew she appreciated it.

As I was applying her makeup noticed she was missing a lot of key products and BRUSHES to achieve the perfect flawless face, so I did as any good instructor did and I had her write out notes. She wrote notes on what to buy, which brands and colour selections would best suit her.

After I finished her makeup application she was eager to see the results. After she saw the results in the mirror she was ecstatic! And I think the best part was that she now new she too with a little practise and patience could achieve almost the same results on her own!

Now this is where E.L.F comes into play! I decided that I would order all her missing links from E.L.F, its great quality for the price value. I myself use a wide range of E.L.F cosmetics on a daily basis. I think they are the perfect tools to practise achieving a desired look. You can try and try again without breaking the bank!

Now all I have to do is wait for my order to come in and tell you guys about all the goodies! I did order a couple of brushed although I am kind of sceptic about them. But for the price I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try! I am really excited for the Kabuki brush! I am really hoping that won’t place me in the buyer’s remorse category.

Click Here for my Mother’s Make Over Pictures!
Never hesitate to ask a question or leave a comment!

Back to School =) YAY

February 18, 2010

I know I have been lacking on my blog, just been running around dealing with the exciting twists and turns of life. BUT I am excited to report that the journey for Jo.Ritaaa is not over!
Today was my return to one of my favourites place, SCHOOL. =) And for those of you who know me personally never have I ever enjoyed school. But when you’re doing something you love surrounded by people with the same goals and passions, it makes it that much more special!
I have officially completed day one of International Bride. Let me tell you the course out line looks super exciting! I just can’t wait to learn the new looks and trends of today’s bride while also perfecting the look of a classic bride!
Also not only will I be learning about bridal make up but also about different cultures and make up traditions that go hand in hand with different ethnicities.
I will try my hardest to take pictures of my adventure along the way!
To all my friends who give me the pep talks and cheer me on, I love you!!

January 23, 2010

Well I’m sure you have all heard about what has happened in Haiti. I feel that we need to all pull together and help out as much as we can. I myself did my part and donated. I feel it would be awesome if we could all put aside 5, 10 or even 20 dollars and donate. No amount is too little or too big. Here are some links to websites were donations can be made.

Canada For Haiti

If you donate to the link above the Government of Canada will match each donation! =)

Hope for Haiti Now

Another quick and easy way we can ALL help out and donate it via txt msg!
Text "AID" to 45678 to make a $5 donation

Please remember that the people of Haiti need our help, not just today but for years to come. They need to rebuild and will do so with our kind and warm generosity

Thank You! xoxo Jo.Ritaaa xoxo

Thank You Kat Von D =)

January 05, 2010

Miss Kat Von D =D

First off I would like to say HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hoping all you guys are enjoying the New Year! It’s twenty ten, one can only imagine all the exciting new adventures to come! =) Smiley faces all around on my end!

As promised I am reporting on my goodies that I got on Christmas! My brother and his girlfriend both got me The Kat Von D True Romance eye shadow palettes; I got Ludwig and True Love!

My love affair with the eye shadow started when I was watching an episode of L.A Ink. =) And then the trips to Sephora started! She actually has I really nice full cosmetic line. I myself haven’t had the privilege of trying anything but the eye shadow, but am dying to!

Now the palettes are a tad bit pricy but considering you get 8 different colours that are amazing, it’s worth it! I was honestly amazed by the quality of the product. It is true to its pigmentation, the application was wonderful and it last all night and didn’t fade or move at all.

Right off the bat I noticed that when I placed my brush on the product it didn’t crumble and dust off everywhere, it just went on the brush, this also helped when applying the actual product to my face, made it less of a messy experience, which is great for those of us dying to be adventuress and starting off! =)

Another thing I noticed is that with the product less is more; you don’t need that much product on your brush. It goes on very intense, true to its colour! This also means it will last longer! Defiantly adding this to my pro kit! I can use it and know that my client’s wont de disappointed!

Bottom line I am in love and urge you all to go to your local Sephora and test out this awesome product!

x0x0 Jo.Ritaaa

Picture Courtecy of Sephora =)

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